Tedi Interviews Torpuot Majiok

In this short interview, Tedi Africa spoke with Torpuot Majiok, a rising young scientist, an engineer and social entrepreneur. Here he spoke with Matai Muon about his passion in technology, business and practical education. He also talked about his award-winning innovation – the Tor Malarial Device which was featured by the BBC and took him to China. The challenges he himself faces and what support he needs right now for his invention to develop further.

Mr. Torpuot is an interesting young person, highly dynamic and energetic – he is the kind Africa needs to engage with for a transformative change. We hope you enjoy the interview.

You can read more about him here.

Matai Muon, Co-founder and CEO of Tedi spoke with Torpuot Majiok in this clip. In the show taking note was Chany Wicgoal, the People and Marketing Lead, Tedi Africa.

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