Entrepreneurship Development Program

Tedi’s EDP initiative realises our vision of building a just, prosperous and sustainable community through social entrepreneurship. The core goal of this program is to inspire and build an entrepreneurial culture among the South Sudanese youth and women in urban, impoverished and rural, underserved areas through tailored training, mentoring support and funding pipelines for their enterprise growth and development. The EDP program is implemented through the following flagship projects:

Youth Empowerment Project (YEP): This project targets struggling, out of school youth, and fresh graduates who are passionate about entrepreneurship as an alternative pathway to sustainable living. Tedi identifies and organizes these groups to establish viable enterprises that can expand and scale.

Tedi Women Economic Empowerment Plan (TWEEP): This project targets urban, underserved South Sudanese womenpreneurs and provides them with practical business skills and knowledge to thrive in the modern marketplace. The project aims at improving the life of the South Sudanese women in low urban areas through economic and financial management, disentangling traditions and cultural norms that slow their socio-economic progress. 

Refugee Livelihoods Project

Life in the refugee community is extremely difficult and sometimes, talents and ambitions are denied an opportunity to thrive. Tedi comes in to create economic empowerment plans for this often-forgotten community while at the same time leveraging the power of technology to enable the refugees join in the global culture that is highly demanding.

Skills-based Program: Intervenes on youth & women - teenage mothers. Teenage pregnancy is on the rise in Kakuma. Youth who have finished high school but idle. The focus is on empowering these groups (economic empowerment) 

Tedinnovate: Use the power of technology leveraging social change in the refugees camp, give them marketable skills that make them competitive in the global marketplace. So basically, an IT-based intervention lab in the camp focusing on the youth. The example of Lual Mayen - rising up in Kakuma as an IT-based game engineer and developer. 

Kakuma Daily: Empowering Refugees Youth via Stories - Giving them a voice to shine and connect