We are TƐDI Africa

Igniting potential, nurturing innovation

How does it feel to create a culture of entrepreneurship through dynamic learning, creative and innovative leadership education in Africa’s women and youth space?

We Transform War Economies

We invest in local entrepreneurial ventures as a strategic mind shift.

How does it feel to use local resources through entrepreneurial ventures, boosting the local war economy, and creating opportunities for the youth & women?

We Educate Local Communities

We provoke sleeping entrepreneurs by reviving their true potential through tailored training programs.

How does it feel to provide a creative learning environment that ignites the true potential of rising entrepreneurs?

We Develop Local Talent

Supporting aspiring youth and womenpreneurs, strengthening communities through Co-creation.

How does it feel to develop a learning culture that fuels innovation and creativity, solving social challenges?

We Initiate Disruptive Solutions.

We initiate, Analyze, and Create disruptive solutions that meet the immediate needs of youths and women.

How does it feel to initiate a disruptive solution oriented to meet some of the pressing issues affecting womena200

Environmental Education

Learn how to protect our environment and be a champion in greening the Mother Earth.

Leadership Training

Get equipped with leadership skills and make a difference in your locality.

Recreation and Community Development

Tedi intends to modify the natural and or the existing environment to accommodate commercial and public facilities designed and used to provide recreational opportunities to the public. Through this, we reclaim the rich tradition of the South Sudanese public.

Psychology and Counselling

Tedi maintains a focus on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span. As South Sudan recovers from war, we want to facilitate that journey through creative counseling programs.

Vocational Training

Tedi bridges the market gap between fresh graduates and today's demanding skill-based economy.

Incubation & Acceleration

We identify, locate and train small social ventures startup.


Through TediHub, we organize and provide open spaces for these entities; involve them in the process of co-creation as they build a future.

Environmental Advocacy

Climate change remains the planet's greatest challenge today.



"Wonderful idea. If we all think business like you guys, we could turn around the entire society of South Sudan."

Dr. Gatluak Thach


Nashville International Center for Empowerment

"Today's job market is very competitive. A huge focus is on practical skill. Tedi has a unique place to bridge that gap."

Odhiambo Omondi

Queen's Young Leader Alumna

MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018

"An entity that identifies, and organizes grassroot -led, informal businesses then transform them into self-sustaining economic programs has a unique offer in today's Africa."

Albino Gaw Dar

CEO, Foundation for Youth Initiative, South Sudan

Message from our executive director.

Progress starts with changing minds.

We at Tedi are absolutely convinced that transforming the human mind is the fundamental step towards building a just, prosperous and sustainable planet. Our intervention is innovation-led, working with the relevant stakeholders in the field to maneuver around human development.

There are no short cuts to real growth and development than providing the African women and youth with the skills of our time, help them along the way to land on the destination of their choice. We hope you can join us in realizing this ambitious program. Together, we can build the African Dream.

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Juba, South Sudan

South Sudan Office: Tompiny Area, Airport Rd, Juba.

Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Office: Aokleys the Joint, Milimani, Jakaya Kikwete Rd. Junction, Nairobi Kenya