How to Get Involved

There are three main paths in getting involved with TEDI Africa. Please choose how you would like to join us.

I would like to volunteer with TEDI.

Volunteering with TEDi Africa is a wonderful way to help women and youths reach thier full potential. You can volunteer with us in the following ways.

  • Mentorship: Take youths under your wing and have them reach thier full potential through learning, and empowerment.
  • Training: Train women and youths in specific professional fields impacting them with skill that can help them be productive members of society.
  • Advocacy: Advocate on behalf of TEDI Africa.
  • Community Volunteerism: Volunteer at TEDI local center and train young people with passive skills.

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I would like to Partner with TEDI!

Partner with TEDI Africa and help create and sustain space that keeps the social enterprise operational.

  • Offer the use of facilities for training fresh graduates.
  • Create local ventures to rejuvenate local economies.
  • Fund TEDI Africa Projects to increase local impact.
  • Join us in saving planet one tree at a time.
  • Start an Agrobusiness venture with us to fight poverty in vulnerable communities.

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I would like to Donate to TEDI!

You can donate to TEDI Africa in two ways, finance base donation and Non-finance based.