About Us

Our Story

Tedi is a registered non-profit, non-governmental, multi-sectoral development social enterprise based and operate in South Sudan and Kenya. We intervene in women and youth entrepreneurial space through dynamic vocational education that employs system thinking, social innovation techniques and human-centered design thinking methodology to solve socio-economic challenges. Basically, we are an entrepreneur support organization re-writing, remodeling and provoking the entrepreneurial giants in our midst. The core purpose of Tedi is to tackle poverty and all its ills among the South Sudanese women and youth through the use of technology and social innovation techniques.

The Inspiration Behind Tedi

Interestingly, Transformative Education for Development Initiative/(TEDI) coincides with an important question in Thok Nath, one of the major languages spoken by South Sudan’s Nuer which simply asks a question: How is it? The Nuer ask this question when they are mesmerized, or curious about how a certain thing, or a situation works. The question is usually driven by curiosity and empathy. It often arises as an investigative query. We therefore, ask: How is it like to model an intervention that employs commercial strategy to solve some of the pressing socio-economic loopholes of our time?


Building a Just, Prosperous and Sustainable Communities Through Social Innovation.


Tackling Poverty through Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship for 1 Million South Sudanese People by 2030

Our Philosophy


The world goes through drastic changes each moment. These changes affect the human ecosystem to varying degrees. Changes in society affect people in diverse ways. The minority groups (women and youth) always have higher prices.). Here we focus on two key criteria: social inclusion and social transformation. This means from how to speak of women, to how we define the modern youth to the way they live and interact with the environment. It is our belief that a substantial change begins with a change in the mind.


Once the human mind is transformed, the next question is how to make it productive. Technical and vocational training will do the trick. We intend to provide the 21st-century skill sets both hard and soft to the women and youth group so they can build a future and compete in today’s knowledge-driven economy. Technically trained, our target group can then engage in the gig economy, thereby, achieving self-reliance.


Through co-creation, we then translate the skills gained into something bigger; human development in today’s world includes not only the right to have adequate shelter, food to eat but also the freedom to choose what to do, how to do it etc. TEDI aims at developing innovative solutions to the pressing social problems being identified. Our approach is to think together with our target groups, understanding in-depth what challenges they face so we can reach a shared path.


The product is innovation. With the aid of human-centered design thinking, we produce an innovative outcome to the people we serve.

Core Values


We are convinced that to deliver this goal, we need to uphold the highest degree of integrity. Being honest requires individual investment to be open, accountable and transparent.


TEDI cannot exist without the spirit of innovative problem-solving mindset. We encourage innovative thinking towards education and environment


TEDI believes that education is a life-long goal. We promote and encourage ongoing learning opportunities.


Selfless service is what drives our innovation. We encourage the spirit of volunteerism among our team.


Our activities cannot operate in the vacuum. We have a culture of shared prosperity, thus, involving our beneficiary in every change we undertake. Community leads the process of social transformation. TEDI only guides the process.


Tedi aspires to create high quality product and services. Creative disruption does not have to end up with low quality programs.