Matai Manuoi Muon

Matai Manuoi Muon



About Matai

Matai Muon is a multi- award-winning young professional. He is a Fellow at the Young African Leaders’ Initiative (2018), a Western Union Scholar (2018), an African Leadership Institute Fellow (2020) and the World Bank Blog4Dev Winner (2020) among others.

A committed and intellectually driven graduate of management as well as an undergraduate student of Project Management, Muon uses his course to understand particularly the area of international enterprise development with a keen lens on social innovation in relation to social justice.

Muon has engaged in management programs through academic training and on the ground practical programs for over three years focusing on human capital, career development and sustainable economic pathways particularly for the African majority poor – youth and women.

As a passionate gender advocate, and a social researcher, Muon uses his writings and social advocacy campaigns to create a just world where he appeals for opportunities meeting the underserved. He has authored a book on girl child education, telling a story of the unreported struggle of the rural-based South Sudanese women and girls.

Muon is a thought leader with over four years in youth-led programs and innovative community-oriented initiatives volunteering and working alongside women and young people in the underserved social arenas.

He aspires to advance social justice around the world by empowering communities and creating a future for the world’s more than 1.6 billion poor.

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