Chany Wicgoal Chatiem

Chany Wicgoal Chatiem


COO & the People & Marketing Lead

Mr. Chany is a Community Health and Social Work Development Practitioner and has been involved in Community Health and Social Work-led programs for over four years. He holds several Academic Credentials in both Public Health and Social Work arenas. Trained in Kenya and Malaysia respectively, Mr. Chany holds a Diploma in Public Health at the Kenya’s Regional Institute as well as a Professional Certificate in Community development and Social Work at St. Paul University in Kenya.

Mr. Chany currently pursues his Medical Career at Malaysia’s MAHSA University taking a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) with a keen eye on Obstetrics and Gynecology in his final Program. He is particularly fascinated about the state of the South Sudanese Women’s Reproductive Health Illiteracy. His research interest is in Fistula and Gynecological Complications in the Developing World.

As a Thought Leader on Youth Development and Leadership, Chany currently stands as the President for South Sudanese Student's Association in Malaysian Universities/SSSAMU, a body that organizes and nurtures Youth Community Development Programs in Malaysia.

Passionate about Education, Chany has made significant strides in Educational Revolution, especially in his own Backyard. Frustrated by lack of Educational Access in his home County of Koch, Chany Influenced Koch County Education Department and State Ministry of Education in South Sudan’s Unity State to approve an Examination Centre for Liech Secondary School in 2012. The Centre would open with a success that year, bringing high school education to Koch’s doorstep for the very first time.

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