Get Involved

Get Involved

Join us in creating A future for African women, & youth.

Some of the ways you can get involved with Tedi is through Volunteerism, Partnership and Donation.

How to Get Involved with Tedi

Volunteer with us to help the vulnerable aspiring South Sudanese entrepreneurial youth and women be self sustainable. Some of the activities where your generous intervention could be are training, building, & supporting women and youth-led entreprises, etc.

Partner with Tedi to make possible the services needed to help South Sudanese women and the youth in their daily lives, build prosperous and sustainable business ecosystem and spur innovative and creative spaces. Contact us today and let us start making a difference, together

Donate to Tedi today. Your donations will be put to good use in helping South Sudanese women and the youth develop critical skills of the 21st century, acquire knowledge and sustain themselves. Just head to our donation page to get started.