Nyalat Gorden Koang

Nyalat Gorden Koang


Accounts and Finance lead,

Humanitarian Outreach Lead,

About Nyalat

Nyalaat Gorden is a rising humanitarian professional with over two years’ experience working in

humanitarian setting particularly in the Kakuma Refugee Camps. A teacher by training in fragile

setting, Ms. Gorden possesses a wealth of knowledge in refugee student’s management.

She also previously served as Sales Associate for the Global Internet Fortune – an online-based internet

company that engages its associates in sales, and recognizes individual efforts in economic

connections and development.

Ms. Gorden is experienced in community mobilization, youth development and public health

programs in remote environment. A Dafi Scholar, she possesses impressive research skill in data

analysis, creative problem-solving, team building and conflict management programs.

She is currently in her final year at Kenya-based Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

undertaking a Bachelor of Science in Conflict Resolution and Humanitarian Assistance.

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