Mamuch John

Mamuch John Jock


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

About Mamuch

Mamuch John is a Full stack Developer, cinematographer, Peace activist, and an Entrepreneur at heart based in Nairobi Kenya. He is currently pursuing Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree in United States International University. He is also a certified IT Professional In various areas including but not limited to Microsoft Technologies, Linux, and Cyber Security.

Mamuch John is also the current Chief in Editor for a local publication based in Juba South Sudan called South Sudan Weekly. Started in 2020, SSW is his way of ensuring the start of a new decade for south Sudanese by

consuming actionable information from business, politics, international news and more. South Sudan weekly publishes on a weekly basis on issues taking place in South Sudan.

Mamuch John runs a youth’s organization called DhielSoft Technology for Social Change. Seeing the high lack of educational opportunities coming to South Sudanese youths living in refugees camps and at home, he created DhielSoft to be a Hub for youths to come and learn from professionals from various fields but mainly technology in order to gain marketable skills that can help them become economically independent. Based in Nairobi Kenya, DhielSoft mission is to ensure that South Sudanese youths are equipped with technological skills to face the ever-evolving world of technology and be productive members of society.

Mamuch is also a promoter of talent in music and film, he has 8 years of cinematography, photography, and film production experience. With this skill, he created Dhiel Entertainment as a hub of Talent promotion in South Sudan which has promoted artist to gain recognition in the entertainment industry. He has created traditional feature films to showcase the South Sudan Culture to the world.

Mamuch is a peace activist who has worked with youths from vulnerable communities in various programs. He is one of the founding members of Peer Mediators an organization that connect youths from various parts of Africa living in war torn countries. Peer Mediators connect youths from South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia & Sudan. In Advocating for peace, he also helped create #Anataban Nairobi Chapter. The group uses street theater, graffiti, murals, sculpture, and poetry to foster public discussion about the issues of social injustice and government accountability, and transparency. #Anataban members see solidarity, courage, integrity, inclusion, non-violence, and political neutrality as the important values guiding their work.

Mamuch is currently a founding member of Junub Cultures in Diversity based in Juba South Sudan. AN organization that promote the 64 cultures that makes up the population of South Sudan. JCID64 mission is to use the common cultural attributes South Sudanese shares to cultivate a peaceful future for the country.

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