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The Social Innovation Webinar: Social Innovation & Poverty in Africa How do you fight poverty where you're? • Join us on April 30th to dive into the role of social innovation in battling poverty in the mother Africa. • We bring to you a lovely speaking mix; • Chinwe Okoli is a woman of many

Tedi Interviews Torpuot Majiok

In this short interview, Tedi Africa spoke with Torpuot Majiok, a rising young scientist, an engineer and social entrepreneur. Here he spoke with Matai Muon about his passion in technology, business and practical education. He also talked about his award-winning…

The Missing Middle

The Missing Middle: Positioning the South Sudanese Women and Youth for the 21st Century World The future of work is rapidly changing. Multiple reports suggest that there is a real need to adapt to the changing job landscape. In the…